So, what makes a product/service sell?

I have been talking a lot to friends and clients about products and selling and after a year and a half of service revamping and writing  pages and pages of sales copy, I realize that there is 1 thing that ALL products or services need to sell well.

A core promise.


What is a core promise, you ask?


A core promise is a clear statement that tells people EXACTLY what they will get if they take your course. This core promise is NOT fancy. In fact, it shouldn’t be and it has to be tornado-proof.


Why is this so important?


Because it helps people tell other folks about your program/class/thing. Without it, you are the only one hustling to fill your class because no one knows how to talk about it.


So, for example my class Idea to Income has a very clear core mission/promise:


Outline your next product
Create a foolproof strategy for the launch
Write your sales copy

All in 1 day.


So, if someone is looking to accomplish any of the goals above, they know that my workshop could be for them, right?


This also goes back to fundamental product and service design (something I am very interested in), people want to buy things that will help them accomplish clear, definable goals.


These goals don’t HAVE to be as tangible as sales copy but goals are essential.


So, for Idea to Income the goal is to develop a new income stream.


And if you are really struggling to sell something, it might be because you haven’t quite developed that core promise. This is also why I suggest writing sales copy BEFORE you develop any program. By taking that approach, you are making SURE that the core promise exists and someone else can talk about the class if they want.


This applies to service models too. You could just sell an hour of your time as a coach OR you could help someone create their own manifesto or develop their own personalized yoga practice.


Goals will help do the selling for you and ALSO help you find the people that need what you have the most. Win! Win! 


Your core mission is almost ALWAYS the first thing people see when they land on the page and it’s the statement that they will think about when they leave.

So, think about your products and services. Do you have a core promise? Go ahead and share it in the comments below and we’ll workshop them a give some feedback.


Some questions to get you started: 

What will someone leave with after taking part in this experience?

What does the ideal customer for my thing REALLY want?

If someone had to talk about my product or service, what would they say?


If you would like to develop your core promise along with a new income stream, think about taking my new workshop, Idea to Income.

You will not only learn how to develop a core promise but get step-by-step instruction for creating services, classes and books that have a core promise built in. You’ll even learn how to launch it!


Here is a testimonial from one of our students:

“Shenee is brilliant! Well, you know that already, but what you may not know yet is how awesome her Idea to Income class is. Don’t worry, you will know soon. I went in with a vaguely apprehensive concern over how I would get through the awful launch process to get my idea-baby into reality. I had an amazing day and came out with web copy written and a realistic launch plan. Shenee took a process I could have spent weeks fussing and over-thinking and got it all done in one, fun day. See, brilliant! What did I tell you?”

— Grace Quantock 


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5 thoughts on “The 1 Thing You Need to Sell ANYTHING + Mini-Workshop

  1. Ahhh, thanks for the reminder! As a coach, everything I do is kind of intangible (if I’m coaching the way I was trained, which is to leave it all up to the client to figure out… which I don’t always do.. shhhh). And I’m developing my new digital course for people who are ready to make a big life-switch. It walks them through how to dream, plan, and execute their next big adventure.

    Curious to know – is that tangible enough as a core promise?

    Posted on November 28, 2012 at 4:00 pm
    1. I think so! I think that you should surround that core promise with really tangible activities + fun things to do to help them do that! Maybe it’s a journal, or a cocktail line…anything that makes them say “yes, I learned a LOT in this experience…look at what I have now.”

      Posted on November 28, 2012 at 7:56 pm
      1. Oooh… Do you mean activities + fun things IN the course, that will help them have a tangible thing to show off after?

        If so, they will (hopefully) have booked their plane ticket/started their business/asked the guy out/ etc. All pretty tangible stuff!

        Or am I missing what you meant?

        Posted on November 28, 2012 at 8:57 pm
        1. YES! Those are perfect! Make sure you are making those clear in the copy and your core promise can do it’s job! 🙂

          Posted on November 28, 2012 at 10:30 pm
          1. sweet 🙂 THANK YOU!

            Posted on November 29, 2012 at 12:06 am