There is a HUGE problem in our industry that no one will talk about directly but I will because it breaks my heart to watch.



Especially design. Good design is rare in the business development industry and exceptional design is even harder to find. It makes me sad to know that when a industry leader invests in a beautiful design,

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So, you have a business. You work your butt off. You have read lots of books, gotten some of the best help available and invested in all the “right” things. But it just seems like things aren’t coming together. I totally get that. It can be frustrating. Hell, I’ve been there.   But I discovered something that has changed everything for me and I think it will change things for you too.  First, let’s answer the original question:

Why aren’t you making money yet?

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First off, I wanted to say THANK YOU to everyone who reads this blog. Honestly, I didn’t know. I am not a anaylitics person and comments aren’t super common on my blog so I had no idea how many of you were actually reading. I actually got the opprotunity to meet 50ish of you this weekend at WDS. I literally went back to my airbnb and cried because I was so taken aback by hearing all of the great stories about what you have learned and what this blog has helped you accomplished.

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In my new book, I write a short section about the strategy behind subject lines in emails. Yes, there are so many different things we COULD do to make our subject lines convert better, but is that something we really want to spend a lot of time on? Is that something that deserves lots of attention?


There are so many rules. SO many things that could help us convert more,

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Right now, Hey Shenee is all about showing up online. This week is all about taking bomb photographs but I want to talk about another  price we pay for deciding to show up as our true selves online.

How do we deal with haters?

I am not sure what your life  is like my friend. I would hope that you are feeling FULLY supported and that you know how awesome you are but sometimes,

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There is nothing worse than the overwhelm that comes from taking a class and not being able to keep track of everything you are doing (and learning). I am taking b-school right now and I am having trouble keeping track with the things I wanna do as a result of the work I am doing. I am great about taking notes but a lot of the times,  I can’t find what I need in my notebook.

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One of my super powers : a truth (bullshit) meter – I am notorious for not letting anyone lie to me about their businesses.

The biggest lie I end up dealing with?


I can’t tell you how many people come to me during my 15 minute SHAZAMs because they need help naming something.

“I can’t do anything until I figure out the name”
“I can’t figure out my tagline and it is really holding me up,

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I talk about this a lot but I have never given you ways that you can start doing this right now. Sure “stop idolizing and do your work” is great in theory but how does it actually work? What does it look like? I am great at this but it didn’t happen overnight. I still have moments when I struggle with too. It is my hope that these tips will help whenever you are spending too much time on someone ease’s site,

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I’ve been a designer, a copywriter, a video script writer AND  a photographer over the years and I’m going to let you in on a little secret that you MUST KNOW if you hope to do anything:

We can’t give you clarity. We can’t find your story for you. We can’t represent “you” without some very important information.

You CAN’T outsource the work of knowing what the HELL you are doing.

So if someone tells you they can,

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