One of my super powers : a truth (bullshit) meter – I am notorious for not letting anyone lie to me about their businesses.

The biggest lie I end up dealing with?


I can’t tell you how many people come to me during my 15 minute SHAZAMs because they need help naming something.

“I can’t do anything until I figure out the name”
“I can’t figure out my tagline and it is really holding me up, can’t do anything”
“I am stuck on a name”

I ask: “well, what about your site, your services? What are you planning on writing?”


Their problems? Never about the name.

It’s NEVER about the name.


Because you know as well as I do (this site is an example) that names are important but they are NOT business stoppers.

If you are doing something awesome and being of service to people, no one cares what your business or class is called.


And if you are CLEAR about what you provide, your name comes to you pretty easily.


I used to  name things for people and I stopped because I don’t believe that anyone can give you a name you are going to be 100% happy with. You aren’t actually asking them to name something, you are looking for validation.


I mean, seriously: Is the business name THAT big of a deal? No. And it’s gonna be tattooed on your face. You can ALWAYS change it.


Here is the problem: if you STOP everything to think of a name, you are stopping everything.


I find that the best way to figure out the name for your service or business is to start DOING STUFF.


Run your business. Test out your service. While you are working, you’ll get more clarity about what you are doing and most likely, the name will become obvious too.


And if your name is that big of a deal to you, just be yourself for a while. That’s what I do and it works great! 🙂 Your name will never change and you won’t get tired of it.


Use your name until you find something else you like (but you might find that you love your name better anyway).
You can also brand UNDERNEATH your name. My business is Hey Shenee but my class is called Hot Brand Action. This is a part of a bigger branding lesson I won’t get into right now but this works great too. Marie Forleo does this with b-school.


And no, you don’t have to be Marie Forleo to just be yourself. You can do it now.
So, if you are waiting to get the name right before you unleash BIG THING into the world, please get over yourself and get out of your own way.


If you do hire someone to help you name your thing,  go for something interactive. Something that is less about them naming for you and more about you figuring out a name together. Victoria has a great service for this.  She isn’t PICKING your name, she is helping you discover it. Right on.


Just remember:
People are waiting for you and your awesome thing!  Don’t be stingy! 

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One thought on “Struggling with naming something? Here is some unconventional advice.

  1. Love this.  It’s totally me right now.  And thank you for the validation! 

    Posted on June 7, 2012 at 4:09 am