In my new book, I write a short section about the strategy behind subject lines in emails. Yes, there are so many different things we COULD do to make our subject lines convert better, but is that something we really want to spend a lot of time on? Is that something that deserves lots of attention?


There are so many rules. SO many things that could help us convert more, sell more and do better. It’s so tempting to do it all and hope for at least some of the results.


But if we spend all of our time “improving” where does that leave us? Do we spend entire afternoons endlessly tweaking our copy or optimizing blog posts?


There are blogs devoted to giving us advice that will make us better but what advice should we actually follow?


First off, let me say this:

If we devote our time to running our business and being of service to the world, we don’t have to rely so much on advice, tactics or strategies to get us further faster. The work speaks for itself.


I repeat: The work speaks for itself.


So, are you working?

If we focus on creating high quality experiences for the people that need us, the word will get around.

You should also know that becoming obsessed with getting advice is a form of resistance. Most of the time, we are telling ourselves that if we follow this advice, we will get where we want to go and that isn’t the case.


Advice will only get you so far. You gotta back it up.


Here are some things to think about before you follow any advice:

Do I need this advice?

It is important to define what need means for you. For me, if something is not effective at ALL, then I need to make a change. If something is happening a little slower, I don’t necessarily have to reinvent the wheel just yet. For example. you feel like you should be doing better right now but do you NEED to be doing better right now? And what does “better” mean?


Know your goals

Realistically, what do you want your business to look like? How do you want it to work? For example: if you run a boutique branding business you DON’T need lots of people on your list to be successful at all. So list building? It isn’t your first priority. What needs to work really well to keep your business going? Reaching for every bit of advice, “next thing” or simple tweak and implementing them is a HUGE waste o’ time.

 Focus on 1 problem at a time

Don’t try to change and revamp everything right away. What is 1 thing you can work on improving over the next few months? List-building is a good goal. Getting more referrals works too. Trying both at once?

Head spinning.


Is this advice meant for me where I am RIGHT now?

Future tripping is dangerous, ya’ll. If you get a piece of advice or strategy that has nothing to do with who you are in your business right now, don’t try to make it happen. Most likely, it won’t work. In fact, it might hurt your business.


Here is the other thing I NEED you to know about all of the advice out there and this is a little controversial but I am gonna share it anyway:

Some industries take to strategies way easier than others. If you run a blog that helps people get more money, get more traffic or get *more* of anything, your products are gonna be easier to sell.  If your benefits are harder to express, it’s gonna be a little harder.  Bottom line. If your industry isn’t about that, don’t look to those industries as an example of where you should be. That’s unrealistic. And it’s unfair to you. That isn’t to say that you can’t be just as successful (hello Oprah, Tony Robbins and Mama Gena) but it just means you have to play YOUR game.


Know your industry, know your business and trust your instincts. It is the best way to go.


Love where you are at right now and as my coach Erika says, treat your business like a lady. Be kind to yourself and feel good about what you are doing right now.


Because if you are here, you are doing awesome.


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One thought on “How to Know What Advice to Follow (and IGNORE)

  1. Love this – and I feel like it can really apply to anything in life. I couldn’t help but think about personal development & how there’s so much info/advice out there, although not all of it is “right” for everyone!

    Posted on June 27, 2012 at 10:48 pm