This is a preview bonus I am created for Hot Brand Action. This will actually be a video workshop for my class but here is a little teaser of some of the extra stuff you’ll learn in Hot Brand Action. So grab a sheet of paper and let’s do it!

I get a lot of complements on the little infographic on my homepage. It was really fun to make and super easy (design-wise) to create. I am currently preparing for the launch of the next (and final) Hot Brand Action course for the year and I am creating a graphic for the homepage. I thought I would take you through my process and teach you how I did mine and how you can make your own simple visual.

Why you should get a graphic on your homepage ASAP:

Infographics/Simple graphs are a simple, visual way to show information. It is especially great for our industry because most people don’t do them. Instead of seeing a huge wall of text, wouldn’t it be great to get the story in one look? We are visual people in a world of low attention spans, visual interest wins.

What you can use a simple visual for:

Simpify BIG concepts in less words
Example: How Marketing Works: A Visual

Help someone make a decision:
Example: which of my services is best for you?

Compare Ideas
Example: Ryan Gosling vs. Keanu Reeves

Show a process
Example: 1. Get Money 2. Get Paid 3. Get more money

Help your clients see yourself in your solution (ie: my homepage)
Example: This is how we work together


Ok, let’s decide on what you want to illustrate. Make sure it is simple and straight-forward.

I would suggest doing one to help people understand which of your services or products they should buy. Why not go straight to the money? Think about the tarket market for each one. How are they different?

Hint: if they are too similar, you PROBOBLY don’t need both. 🙂

For my graphic, my goal is to show potential students who the class is for and invite them to learn more about what the class can do for them. I also wanted them to go to another page to learn more.

With that in mind, I thought about how I could possibly show the info – I knew I wanted to do a flow chart because I wanted to have people take an active role in deciding if my class is for them or not.

I thought about my client and the different categories they fall in.

From there, I just played around with different ways to present the info. I went to for some inspiration too. Remember, simplicity is KEY.


Here is my sketch (I am such a great artist)!


I would focus on simple shapes because that just makes life a LOT easier when you go in and design the whole thing.

Then I went in and started to think about what I wanted to say in each category. This is where you really need a lot of clarity in who you are and what you do. If you aren’t clear, most infographics end up being confusing.

For example, I know there are 3 types of people who will rock out HBA. For one category I wrote this:

  • You know you want to “write” or “coach” or some other awesome thing but have NO clue what to do next.
  • When people ask you what you do, you reply with “uhh”
  • You know you do good work but have no clue how to make sure people know it
  • You can’t find the confidence to put yourself out there so you don’t do much of anything (and you HATE that)


I wrote this based off of some hardcore knowledge about my target market and what they come to me to learn. In Hot Brand Action, we call this the Mob Boss Method.

What would your bullet points to say?
Do you have categories?


Next, I go into my favorite wireframing program and created another sketch to make sure it made sense on the screen. This is a great time to bring  in a web designer to pick up and help you brand it after this step.


Check it out (before I fill out the info) :


After that, I go into photoshop and create another sketch and add my branding and what-not.

I use photoshop but you could use any simple image editor. In fact, this is a free one that uses simple shapes with no problem. You can also go to  , they have templates you can use to create your fun little graphic.


Ok, this is the part where I would show you the finished product but I’m not gonna. 🙂

 I know you are curious but my brand is a lady. We don’t show the goods until we are ready. If you want to be the first one to see it + get a bonus worksheet (coming soon) that will help you create your infographic, sign up!

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You can also go to You can learn more about Hot Brand Action here.

I would also love to see your infographics when you create them.

Let me know what you think! Is this something you want more of?

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