Let’s just get it out there, shall we?


Being a personality brand does not equal being super funny, super sassy, super laid-back + other things you may or may not be.


It’s all about being you and telling  the stories you want to tell. It’s about helping the people you are meant to help and letting that be enough.


I talked about this a little a few weeks ago and I realize that it goes deeper than just copying another brand. A lot of the times, people just don’t think they are coming off exciting or interesting enough.


Translation: not loud, outgoing and crazy enough


I realize I am a part of the problem.


Not everyone is gonna be like me or a lot of my equally energetic/brightly branded peers and NO one expects you to be like me. That would be crazy.


If you pretend to be like that type of brand and you really aren’t, prepare for some disappointment.


A few weeks ago I talked to a woman who had a crazy brand with ghetto fab copy and bright graphics and her energy on the phone was TOTALLY different. And I thought that was a shame because the person on the phone was AWESOME and I wanted to know more about her.


She probably didn’t mean it to but that mismatched branding ended up making me distrust her because it made me feel like she wasn’t lined up right.


This is NOT good.


Can I let you in on a little branding secret? Being memorable is not always about being a loud but it is ALWAYS about having something meaningful to say. 


It’s about having a message to share. One that people NEED to hear. You can share it quietly or loudly. Doesn’t matter.


So, when I think about this, my first thought goes to Rachel Cole, a life coach. Rachel is not loud. In fact, everything about her = quiet confidence. I actually feel like I should whisper when I talk to her and it’s all over her site.

Check this out,though:



Feed your hungers.

Isn’t that juicy and memorable? It’s also totally her. She is owning her own brand. And you can still latch on to her message and really love it. The colors are soft and airy and she is SAYING something about her brand on every page.



Laura Roeder is another example of a brand that isn’t necessarily flashy but still extremely effective and memorable for people. She has developed a great brand by being really useful to people and creating really great products. The “Creating Fame” message is also one everyone seems to love.




Nike is another brand that is super memorable but isn’t necessarily a super enthusiastic brand. It’s more inspirational. Have you seen this commercial? It’s TOTALLY me, btw. I am doing couchto5k and this is my inspiration.

My brand = me. Ask anyone who has ever met me. I dress like my site. I talk like my copy. It’s all integrated.


But your brand isn’t gonna look like mine because you are most likely a different person.


Here is a shorthand for building a brand that is all you. 

Get a big mission or  message and pretend YOU are telling it in a place that inspires/lights you up. You are wearing your favorite outfit and those shoes that make you feel like a rockstar.

For example, if you sell shoes, your brand might look like this:

Let’s talk about shoes at a sports bar while we wait for the game to start. You are wearing jeans, a tee-shirt and drinking a local beer.

That’s a brand. Totally.


Another shoe seller could be:

Let’s talk about shoes in an expensive new york cafe with a glass of red wine and some gossip about men thrown in.  You are wearing pink kitten heels and a mod-inspired dress that is just the right length.


Each is different and unique. 

Your branding is about connecting with people in a way that feels like the way you talk to other people in real life. Truth.


I am going to get more into developing your personal brand next week, but for now a few questions to sit with:

  • Are you really yearning to be your best you online or a sexed up, more exciting version of yourself?
  • If you didn’t have to worry about “standing out” how would you approach your site and brand?
  • What do you like most about who you are? What do people thank you for the most? What do you get complimented for the most?
  • How can you bring a little more of that into your site and brand?


What do you guys think? Do you feel like your brand will suffer because you are not as “interesting” as other brands?

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3 thoughts on “How to brand yourself if you are not loud, extroverted or a Keanu Reeves fan

  1. This post speaks to me because I am a quiet type. Talking about abstract concepts gets me excited. I adore subtlety. I don’t have a loud hilarious presence, but love to laugh at the absurd. And because of this, I definitely sometimes don’t know how to put myself out there. Will people “get” it? I appreciate your questions and will sit on them–and look forward to how this topic gets explored further next week. 

    Posted on September 5, 2012 at 4:10 pm
  2. I sometimes worry that I am too Australian –  that I’m not refined or elegant enough.  That I don’t look like the people I admire who seem to have their stuff together.  But that should be an element that helps me stand out.  I should embrace that.
    I agree that if you try to be someone else, you are going to get caught out and you aren’t going to feel authentic – to yourself or to others.  And it must be exhausting trying to keep up with the facade.  Thanks for another awesome post, Shenee 

    Posted on September 5, 2012 at 6:57 pm
  3. You nailed it. Thank a lot for taking the time. I’ll return back to see what’s new and tell my neighbors about it.

    Posted on January 23, 2013 at 4:36 am