I talk about this a lot but I have never given you ways that you can start doing this right now. Sure “stop idolizing and do your work” is great in theory but how does it actually work? What does it look like? I am great at this but it didn’t happen overnight. I still have moments when I struggle with too. It is my hope that these tips will help whenever you are spending too much time on someone ease’s site, trying to figure out why THEY can do it and you can’t.


1. Talk it out

What do you love so much about what that person is doing? What are they doing that you aren’t doing yet and how can you define your own version of what this looks like for you? Do you need to hire someone? Need to stop doing something? It is always a great idea to pay attention to what you like in others and why.

Our jealousies (and obsessive idolizing) are often the hopes and dreams we are afraid to pursue on our own.


2. Treat Yo Self

Most likely, you have done something awesome. Make sure you have acknowledged it. Create rituals around your achievement. Landed a client? Buy yourself a new notebook and some fresh pens. Put on your first webinar and loved it? Invest in a paid webinar software. Make it through a tough day? Get some frozen yogurt. When we recognize our achievements, we propel ourselves forward and have less time to think about what everyone else is doing.


3.  Spend some time thinking about that dream project and start creating a plan

Want to write a book someday? Spend an hour writing your outline. Want to put on a class? Start figuring out what you hope to start teaching people. This is the quickest way to get rid of a case of the jealousies. Spend some time rockin’ your own business and preaching the gospel of your own unique (and awesome) point-of-view. Really get into it and somewhere along the way, you’ll forget that you were obsessing over someone else and you’ll be excited about what you have to say

Spend time with your hopes and dreams and the love will start flowing.


4. Send an email to someone who already loves you and offer your help

It is REALLY easy to idolize other people because they are “famous.” I used to fall into this trap all the time. There are a few people out there that have bigger followings and every once in a while, I stop loving my business because they APPEAR to be more successful. Whenever I feel this way, I try to find someone who I KNOW appreciates the work I do and offer to do a 15 minute session with them. This gives me an instant boast and not only helps them with what they need but gives me the opportunity to see –in action – what makes me special. Plus – you guys know that huge followings don’t matter, right? I am proof!

5. Tune Out

I’ve talked about this before and it is still true. I am not really subscribed to anything. I am gloriously ignorant. I exist on a island where I read design and typography blogs but not much else. I keep up with the people I want to keep up with and that’s it. This has meant SO much for the success of my business so far. I don’t know what’s going on. I don’t know who is launching unless I am looking for it. I have no idea who is partnering with what blog. I not only have no time to idolize but I also have WAY more time for my projects. Think that I bang out stuff pretty quickly? This is the reason why. Try it. It will change everything.

Once you let go of the feeling that you HAVE to know everything that is happening, you can do your work.


Next time you are longing for what someone else has, try one of these tips and see if it helps you out. Trust me: I totally KNOW this feeling and you can figure out ways to get past of it. I am convinced that we never get over it but these little methods help me stay focused.

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