Last week was another anniversary for me. It has been exactly one year since I said “no” to my last potential copywriting and design client. I know I say this all the time but the moment I stopped doing all of the stuff I didn’t want to do was the moment I started making money.

Let me say that again. Highlight this in your brain, yo.

The moment I stopped doing all the stuff I didn’t want to do was the moment I started making money

So much of this industry is about service (which is totally true) but in reality you also have to know that we are being the MOST of service when we are doing the work that makes us the MOST happy.

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So, what makes a product/service sell?

I have been talking a lot to friends and clients about products and selling and after a year and a half of service revamping and writing  pages and pages of sales copy, I realize that there is 1 thing that ALL products or services need to sell well.

A core promise.


What is a core promise, you ask?


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Level with me: are you holding back because you are waiting to hit that perfect pitch in your business? Are you waiting for everything to line up perfectly? Are you waiting to stand out in the crowd? Waiting for the right website? Waiting for the right moment?


Are you obsessed with having your site “sound like you”? So obsessed that you can’t put anything out because you think people will be turned off.

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Ok, this issue really hits home for me.

“If you want your email to be read, make it 2 sentences.”

“How to get the attention of big name bloggers”

“How to not annoy big influencers”  — This is actually a thing!

It’s like there is an industry that exists JUST for the proper care and consideration for “influential people.”

Let’s stop and address something straight up.

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Hi! SO, HBA is OPEN! YAY! We already have lots of students in the class and I truly hope you will join us because it is going to be AWESOME. In honor of my class, I wanted to give you a little idea of what we are trying to do in the class and give you some examples.

So, here is one the biggest questions I always answer:

What is a brand,

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If you want to sell more, you have to stop using words and phrases that no one REALLY understands.

If you have taken my free 5 day branding course you are familiar with tornado-friendly language  but if not, here is a little summary:


tornado-friendly: non-specific, general, confusing, boring words

It’s called tornado-friendly because it isn’t concrete. It isn’t strong and it’s easy to blow away.

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There is 1 word you have to know and 1 mindset you have to adopt if you want to increase your prices.


But first, let’s define the personal edge.

Personal edge: You know that  price that you can pay no problem and not think twice about it? It’s a little past that number — anything over feels….funny. It feels like a big deal to you when you pay for it and you have that moment of doubt that it could be too big.

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This is a preview bonus I am created for Hot Brand Action. This will actually be a video workshop for my class but here is a little teaser of some of the extra stuff you’ll learn in Hot Brand Action. So grab a sheet of paper and let’s do it!

I get a lot of complements on the little infographic on my homepage. It was really fun to make and super easy (design-wise) to create.

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